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Design Process

Planning your new kitchen is an exciting and personally rewarding experience. Whether it´s the dream remodel you have been wanting to do, or the complete satisfaction you feel when planning the finishes for your new home, Doug Hamilton Kitchens, Inc. has the experience and expertise to complete your dream project on time and on budget. 


Doug Hamilton Kitchens, Inc. is a full service fine custom cabinetry company based in Orlando, Florida. With over twenty years’ experience, we are highly skilled design craftsmen who have completed numerous fine custom cabinetry projects of all sizes and styles. We work closely with many established architects and interiors professionals who are just as inspired as we are about developing your new project. Our associate installation experts and full complement of small shop tradesmen closely monitor every detail of your project just as if it were their own.


When you first contact Doug Hamilton Kitchens, Inc., we initiate a phone call to set a time to meet in your home, to evaluate your project and start the process of first designs. If you are building a new home, we arrange to receive the blueprints either digitally or in person.


In the early stage of design, it is helpful for us to see idea photos of kitchens that you admire along with your comments about what elements really stand out in each photo. Additionally, our new website’s “Portfolio” page includes download links for each of our design images making it easy to download them to create your own shared portfolio with us as well.

With measurements or blueprints, and with idea photos in hand we proceed to do a first set of drawings to get your ideas set to scale; and with 3D renderings we assemble a visual presentation to help you see how your new rooms will reflect the look and feel you desire. Your responses and comments on the first drawings are noted to go into the second set of drawings and renderings.

If you have determined your flooring selection, we can meet at our showroom to select cabinetry colors and counter tops. At that time, we also present our second set of drawings and go through cabinetry layout details to make sure you will get the complete function and beauty you seek in your final finished design. Of course, budget decisions are part of every design to be incorporated in the final design.


With the selections and design complete the ordering process is timed so your cabinets arrive at the precise day that they are needed at your home. Lead times on cabinetry is four to six weeks.


If you have any questions please feel free to call us, e-mail or chat with us any time. We are genuinely excited to hear from you about your new project.

Doug Hamilton Kitchens, Inc


Our Design Process...

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